First licensed provider of Finland’s play-based curriculum in Malaysia. Early learning for 3-6 year olds.

Our children deserve the best care and services.

With an innovative vision and team of specialised child professionals, we aim to promote on-track development and address a wide variety of current developmental challenges to ensure success of children and their chance of a brighter future.

Bringing Back The ‘Child’ in Childhood.

Axon Children's Centre


Child development has seen to be compromised among children of today. Childhood experiences have been affected by changes in the present societies due to globalisation, technology expansion and urban growth (Singer, Singer, D’Agostino, & DeLong, 2009). These arising problems have created barriers to learning and development.


Reflecting on these problems, Axon Children’s Centre has been specially designed to overcome current developmental problems through recreation of the best of childhood experiences, making room for physical, mental and emotional growth.

Axon Children's Centre

Axon Children’s Centre is founded by two paediatric occupational therapists and is a full-service full service child developmental facility for children of all ages.

Axon, which is the long part of a nerve cell, functions to transmit information to different brain cells, muscles, and glands in the body.

Metaphorically, axon refers to the pathway we create to allow children to grow and bloom into successful human beings.

At Axon, child development will be promoted through both early childhood education and therapeutic services such as occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and physiotherapy; for both typical and developmentally-challenged children attending our facility.


Our mission is to offer the just-right care, environment, and challenges as well as to promote active learning through play and sufficient sensory experiences that are essential for successful growth and well-being of children and their families. This will further prepare young children for transitions, and also be prepared for the real world.


Our vision? To bring back the ‘child’ in childhood, help children be children.

Our Goals

Deliver quality child development services and early childhood education

Promote the use of new technologies and current research-based practices

Offer solutions for typically developing children and children with delays in one or more areas of development to learn side by side in our nurturing environment

Minimise long waiting lists for professional child services

Bridge the medical-education gap

Serve as a continuing education platform through training and workshops for both professionals and parents/caregivers

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