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Axon Early Years Programme

Letting Children Be Children.

In the early years, a child’s main occupation is to play. Children are known to learn best as they play. 

Through an integrated Finnish play-based curriculum, coupled with custom design facility and low teacher:student ratio, a top shelf early learning programme for children and parents can be ensured.

Why choose Axon Early Years programme?


Specialised early learning programme

Axon Early Years programme is a specialised early learning programme for toddlers aged 18 months to 4 years. The children will be engaged throughout the day, learning new skills and reinforcing already acquired ones, promoting age appropriate development and encouraging exploration through structured and unstructured play.


Top-notch, updated learning curriculum from Finland

Our top-notch, updated learning curriculum from Finland facilitates child-directed learning experiences and quality care. In addition, development of all children will also be closely monitored by our qualified and experienced in-house occupational therapists and visiting child development specialist.


Close observation of individual progress

Upon enrollment, a child’s development will be screened by our occupational therapist. Our qualified early childhood educators will then design their lesson plans to promote individual progress for each child.


Low teacher:child ratio

With a low teacher:child ratio, our Early Years children will be able to learn and play within their own maximum capacities while in a safe, nurturing environment.


HEI Schools Curriculum

Learning everywhere, all the time

We use the HEI Schools Curriculum for all our children in the early years programme. The HEI Schools Curriculum is a play-based learning curriculum from Finland, following Finnish education principles and research-based teaching methods. Its holistic approach focuses on children’s wellbeing that also leads to excellent learning results. With the HEI Schools curriculum, learning takes places everywhere and all the time. 


Playrooms and library

Our facility also encourages independent, self-directed learning. Each of our spaces allow for individual play, sensory play, role play, and group play. Our mini library promotes the love for books where children may also relax in a calming environment.


All areas of Axon Children’s Centre are covered by CCTV surveillance.


Scrumptious, home made meals are cooked fresh, daily at our kitchen. Meal plans are specially designed by a qualified dietician ensuring the best, healthy, and balanced options for each child.


Parent-teacher communication is also an important aspect of our Early Years programme. Through the use of technology, parents may receive updates on their chiild’s progress and communicate with teachers through our communication app.


Axon Crawlers

Axon Children's Centre

Axon Walkers

Axon Children's Centre

Axon Explorers

Axon Therapeutic Support

Holistic experiences, maximising potentials.

When children struggle with developmental challenges that impede successful participation in a child care or early years programme, our therapeutic support provides intensive support for the child. 

With a supportive and inclusive enviornment for children of all developmental abilities, our small group and low teacher and therapist:child ratio will allow for optimal therapeutic support while participating side by side with their peers.

Qualified teachers and therapists will provide learning opportunities and maximise each child’s potential. Additionally, therapists join the multidisciplinary team to provide a holistic experience specific to each child’s goals and plans.

Who can benefit from our therapeutic support?

Our therapeutic support is for children in the Axon Early Years programme who may have one or more delays in their development or have emotional or behavioural struggles. 

These problems can interfere with a child’s ability to learn and grow, making it difficult for children to succeed in a traditional child care or preschool, and may also cause strains in family relationships.

This programme is designed to be customised, catering the individual needs of each child.

Axon Children's Centre

These needs will be met using a multidisciplinary therapeutic approach, conducted by teachers and therapists. In addition to utilising early childhood curriculum, individual therapy are key components of the programme. 

Requirement of the therapeutic support will be recommended and decided by our experienced occupational therapist upon assessment and evaluation. Our dedicated teacher-therapist collaboration will ensure that goals of each child are met. Among the goals of this programme also include supporting sensory integration, self-regulation and successful transition to preschool or preschool readiness.  

Services of the therapeutic support may include any of the following:

Occupational Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

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