First licensed provider of Finland’s play-based curriculum in Malaysia. Early learning for 3-6 year olds.

Axon Therapy
& Child Development Services

Family-centered services, just for your child.

Axon Children’s Centre acts as one stop centre for child development services and early learning experiences, serving infants and children of all ages. 

Our aim is to minimse the difficulties in travelling to various appointments, which often takes up most of the parents or caregivers time.

Our therapy and child development services are delivered by our experienced, well-trained specialists through state-of-the-art facilities.

Our approaches are family-centered, allowing parents and caregivers to play a big role in their child’s development. 

Axon Children's Centre
Axon Children's Centre

Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (visiting)

Families often seek help with the challenges that their child experiences. 

Our consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist provides evaluation and treatment of children with neurodevelopmental, behavioural, emotional or learning difficulties. Among the services include:

Diagnostic assessment / evaluation

Clinical evaluation

Treatment / Intervention


Occupational Therapy

At Axon, we focus on working towards a child’s individualised, personal goals to encourage independence in the daily lives of children.

We specialise in occupation-based, sensory integration, cognitive, social and environmental approaches to develop successful sensorimotor, educational participation, and play skills. Through a parent-therapist collaboration, we provide evaluation and intervention on:


Sensory processing



Visual perceptual skills

School readiness

Social skills

Motor planning


Early development

Speech and Language Therapy

Communication is an essential part of functioning for every human being. 

It enables human interaction and connection, expression of feelings and needs. Through fun activities, our speech language pathologist will work on:



Receptive and expressive language



Oral Motor Planning and Sequencing (praxis)


Paediatric physiotherapists work to provide support and treatment of the body systems and functions. They further specialise in the development and growth of infants through teenagers.  

The scope of treatment of paediatric physiotherapy include, but not limited to: 

Primitive Reflexes 

Muscle Tone 

Gross and Fine Motor Strengthening 

Range of Motion 

Balance and Coordination 

Functional Mobility 

Nutrition and Dietetics

Our dietetic service offers high quality individual plans and consultation to promote healthy eating choices. 

We support children with nutritional problems such as food allergy or in relation to their medical conditions, through customised plans and advices. We also encourage good health by helping you make a positive change in food selections for your child. Our services may address the following:

Faltering growth

Underweight / overweight

Selective eating /
fussy eating

Iron deficiency

Food allergies

School Services

Our therapists provide specialised services for schools that may require services for their children and/or academic staff. Among the services include:

Assessment and evaluation

Teachers training / workshop


In-school interventions

Modifications / Recommendations

Continuous Education

Here at Axon, we aim to be a one stop centre for services and education. 

Access to continuous education is essential for both professional and personal development. This includes:

Parent workshops / seminars

Teachers workshops / seminars / training

Professional workshops / seminars / training

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